Developing List as of December 2016

Let Us Talk about the People
(Candidate musical composition for official New Jersey state song:  Let Us Talk about the People. Witten by Frank Salvatore De Benedetto and John Prato)

LOVE ETHIC: the Ancient Principle of Brotherly Love
(Book by Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Tagline: The Most Powerful Force Available to Humankind. The book defines Brotherly Love, delineating
and describing the moral and economic compromise in its lack, and the social excellence and achievement in its adoption.)

NOISE: Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide, the Anti-Noise, Anti-Leafblower Handbook
(Book by Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Thirty-five hard-won steps to fight leafblower and other noise. Literally the only work of its kind.)

Message of Hope
(Politico-musical project by Vincent Frank De Benedetto advocating establishment of the "Brotherhood of Man.")

Brotherhood of Man
(Political project by Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Replace capitalism, including its culture of ego, with the Brotherhood of Man. Toward a unified world based on love.)

The Agape Order
(Project by Vincent Frank De Benedetto. A unique and powerful organization and resource for learning & practicing the timeless & essential principal of "Agape," or brotherly love.)

Keys to Good Health
(Health project by Vincent Frank De Benedetto. The most powerful health analysis available, since it addresses the three factor critical to health: physical, psycho-emotional, and economic.)

Do Not Embalm Your Loved One
(Project and book germ by Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Embalming Completely & Permanently Destroys Their Inside, to Create a Momentary Illusion Outside. If you have elderly or ill loved ones, don't miss this site.)

Our Better Selves
(Series of important essays by philosopher Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Tagline: Toward Wisdom & Love in our Global Society.)

Metal with Meaning
(Socio-musical project by Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Seeks to elevate heavy metal music, i.e. keep it relevant and interesting, by encouraging metal musicians to employ themes and lyrics of real meaning.)

Blade Runner 2049 Must Include Rachael
(Justice and cinema project by Vincent Frank De Benedetto, to redress the misjudgment of making the very long-awaited sequel to the iconic sci-fi film Blade Runner, without including noted actor Mary Sean Young and her iconic Blade Runner character Rachael. The sequel is called Blade Runner 2049.)

De Benedetto Dictionary
(Online dictionary showcasing the original word coinages of philosopher and writer Vincent Frank De Benedetto.)

Two Nets
(Advocacy project by Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Unique and powerful idea to create a wholesome 2nd Internet that the entire family can enjoy without reservation.)
(Project by Vincent Frank De Benedetto. International Society to Preserve the Beauty of Space. Advocates the preservation of the beauty of space and the night sky.)
(Legacy Site: unique formal proposal written in 2003 to forestall the pending war in Iraq, while achieving both objectives of the Bush Administration. By Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Could have prevented the war and consequent complete destabilization of the Middle East, that birthed Daesh and other terror entities. World: listen to Vincent Frank De Benedetto next time.)
(Legacy Site: Originally created to help ensure that the Twin Towers were rebuilt to their original height, or higher. Content by Vincent Frank De Benedetto cited and reprinted in Sunday New York Times. Site now rebuilt as a general global anti-terror portal.)
(Legacy site: encourage use of non-computerized products and services, given how unreliable their digital counterparts often are. By Vincent Frank De Benedetto.)

Art in Service of Love