De Benedetto Arts is an important Internet resource showcasing the musical composition, broadcast, poetry, prose, philosophy, painting, sketchwork, miniatures, carpentry, and other creative output of the De Benedetto Family, originally of Garfield, N.J.:  Frank, Joe, and Vincent, thus far. Its work celebrates the beauty and power of art, thought, and action, especially to effect dramatic social change in service of Love. The site is also for such work by members of related families such as the La Cortes, Frontaurias, and Compolos.

DeBenedettoArts.com is the official Internet home for the DE BENEDETTO MUSIC & WRITING STUDIO (De Benedetto Studio, for short), link at left, divided by eight project areas:  prose, poetry, music, software, broadcast, social media, greetings, and promotions.

This site went live on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. Development has just begun. This will become a large and expansive Internet resource for the De Benedetto Family. Family members were not apprised of the existence of site because its creater, me, Vincent Frank De Benedetto, has been utterly swamped by every manner of familial responsibility, generally disallowing the most nominal of spaces to sharpen, and then notify the family of, the site.

Separate Site

Upon this site going live, it fast became clear that a separate site was needed just for the affairs of the De Benedetto family as a whole, apart from its creative output. I quickly created that site, and Family members know its web address. If a member and you don't, please email or call me and I'll provide it.

The website at which you presently reside, DeBenedettoArts.com, is exclusively for recognition, publication, and promotion of the creative output of any member of the extended De Benedetto and related Families.


If you are a member of the De Benedetto family originating with Michael and Lucy De Benedetto of Garfield, N.J., or a related family such as the La Cortes, you are invited and encouraged to submit notable creative works that you, your children, or your children's children have created. These can essentially be anything and everything, ranging from original photograpy or video, to painting, essays, and musical composition. Anything that you, your children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren have created of professional or near-professional quality.

Your suggested first step is to call or email me, Vincent Frank De Benedetto, to apprise me of what you'd like to submit.

Please email Vincent at dbfamily -at- fastmail.net for the proper telephone number, if you don't already have it.


Does a given De Benedetto project or creative piece belong at DeBenedettoFamily.com or DeBenedettoArts.com?

As a general approach, I'd suggest this:  suppose your son becomes interested in painting, as was Uncle Joe. Suppose further that his work is complimented by his teacher, and hung on his classroom wall. At this stage I would place the work here at DeBenedettoFamily.com. Suppose further, however, that as he improves, his artwork is displayed in a small local gallery or is at least deemed good enough to warrant display on the corridor walls throughout his school. In either case I think we would at that point adjudicate the work good enough for placement at DeBenedettoArts.com.


N.J. State Song

Please see, firstly and notably, candidate musical composition for official New Jersey state song: Let Us Talk about the People, written by Frank Salvatore De Benedetto (my Father), and John Prato.

As you may or may not know, over the years my Father was featured, several times, with photographs, in newspapers and local publications for his songwriting. Moreover, my Dad appeared on the Joe Franklin Show television program (video pending), showcasing his New Jersey state song entry. Does anyone in the family recall this?

So yes, kids, you can truthfully say that someone in your family was on television. For some of you, it was your Uncle Frank; for other of you, my Father is known as your Great Uncle.

"LOVE" Book

Additionally, please see the page describing the extremely important book under development by Vincent Frank De Benedetto (me) entitled LOVE:  Properly Understood, the Most Powerful Social Force Available to Humankind.

I will, of course, provide De Benedetto family members with a gratis (i.e. free) copy of this developing work, presently offered for sale for $29.95. Simply make the request.

Additionally, however, I hope that each of you will fully and carefully read my page of introduction to this book, to realize its gravity and import. LOVE is simply the most important book that most people will or could ever read. It's one of the very few books that can help us save Humanity, as there is no more powerful principle than Brotherly Love, and my treatment of the subject is seminal and unique. If you come to agree, you can assist me in promoting the book. I will certainly be pleased to share any money made.

As, or more important than the money, however, is the need for Humanity to save itself from its own continuing mediocrity, at best, and tendency toward self-annihilation, at worst.

LOVE is actually part one of a planned five-part project, centered around the same themes.

Author of this Site

I am Vincent Frank De Benedetto, the creator and webmaster of this site, DE BENEDETTO ARTS, at DeBenedettoArts.com. I am the son of Frank Salvatore De Benedetto and his wife Jean, my Mother. I am also a Philosopher, musician, writer, including a New York Times-quoted writer, neologist, Agape Master, Health Educator, former Leafblower & Community Relations Expert at a national anti-noise organization, and a continuing family Caregiver.

I have a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University.

If you're a De Benedetto, chances are that I'm also your cousin or uncle!

Now, at the start of this website, almost all of the writing and other projects listed here are mine, so if you follow those links you can examine more of my work. Extensive further work by other family members is to be added.

Art in Service of Love